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John Stamos Got Buck Naked for His 54th Birthday

John Stamos is allegedly getting older, but fam, he is not aging. Not one bit.

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For his 54th birthday, Stamos posted a photo to Instagram that shows him taking a steamy rinse-off in an outdoor shower. His sculpted rear is partially obscured by some palm fronds, and it’s just your average photo that a man the age of a typical grandparent posts on social media, really.

“#54 and clean,” he wrote in the caption. “Thanks for the birthday wishes!”

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It’s truly swoon-worthy. Just ask any of the nearly 6,000 people who commented on the pic, many making the easy joke: “Have mercy.”

This photo may seem like proof that Stamos does not age, like, at all. I mean, look at him. But earlier in the day, he posted a birthday throwback that showed him as a youngster, proving that he has in fact gotten older, even though he seemingly stopped aging at 20-something years old.

“It’s a wonder just how much of life sits before me eagerly (almost impatiently) waiting to reveal it’s gentle, imperfect, often unimaginable beauty,” he wrote. “When I’ve been willing to suspend my judgment, hold my criticism, proactively find the positive, and most importantly embrace wonder, I’ve found authentic happiness. To stumble safely this far together is a real wonder. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. Sending you much, much love!”

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Keep on being ageless and perfect, John Stamos, you beautiful national treasure.

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