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Donald Trump’s Face Is in AHS: Cult & Yes, It’s Scary

American Horror Story: Cult has come full circle.

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We’ve been speculating like crazy about what the new season has in store. Early rumors told us it would be based on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but every clue we’ve received since then seemed to point away from that. The new season is called “Cult,” which outwardly seemed to have little to do with politics. Sneak peeks have included lots of bees and lots of clowns — again, things that don’t really seem to relate to the election at all.

Just days before the season’s Sept. 5 premiere date, a video of the opening credits has surfaced on Twitter. And while it doesn’t exactly give anything away, it confirms the election aspect of the show once and for all.

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There are definitely still bees, and there are definitely still clowns. But for the first time, we see the faces of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — albeit as rubber masks — confirming that the presidential election will play some part in the upcoming season. There’s also a whole lot of blood, so that’s unsettling.

Commenters on Twitter have already taken note that only five names are featured in the opening credits: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, Alison Pill and Billie Lourd. Other big names who have confirmed they’re taking part in the season, like Billy Eichner and Colton Haynes, were left off, leading to questions about those actors’ involvement and whether they’ll be regulars or just guest stars.

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Just over two weeks to go until some of these questions get answered, fam. Who’s ready?

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