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Kim Kardashian West Is Taking Over Kelly Ripa’s Live! Seat

Kim Kardashian West will be taking a short break from reality TV and stepping into some familiar co-hosting duties on Live! With Kelly & Ryan on Aug. 28.

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The show has undergone a lot of co-host changes, from Regis Philbin to Michael Strahan and now Ryan Seacrest. The most recent change was born out of some drama when Strahan took another job with Good Morning America behind Kelly Ripa’s back.

That’s not to say that Seacrest is just a replacement, but there was plenty of co-host competition that came through before him — 67, to be exact. Kim Kardashian West was even one of them!

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In 2012, Kardashian West co-hosted with Ripa for one day, and now she’s coming back to sit in for her on Live! While she’s in the hosting chair, she and Seacrest will sit down with Eric Dane and country singer Kellie Pickler, and she’ll also chat about the upcoming season of her new show with E!, which she co-created with Seacrest. It will be another reality show, so co-hosting talk shows doesn’t look like it’s her next career path. She’s also reported to drop some hints about the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is still going strong.

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Despite all the host drama on Live! with Kelly, Seacrest and Ripa finally found each other. “I hosted earlier this year and every time you’re in the seat, you’re thinking, ‘Gosh, if this ever works out, then this is the audition tape,’” Seacrest told People before he was chosen for the show. “I would watch the other co-hosts and be like, ‘Darn it, they’re really good. Maybe everyone can do my job.’”

While this most likely isn’t an audition for Kim Kardashian West, it’ll be an exciting co-host opportunity for her.

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