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The Internet Died After the Worst Death in Game of Thrones History

My friends and I took bets tonight on how many deaths there would be out of the seven major characters who went beyond the Wall.

I guessed six. Only Jon would survive.

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I was preparing myself for the worst because I knew this episode tonight was going to be catastrophic.

It was. It was catastrophic, but in an even more terrible way than I could have imagined.

WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you’ve seen Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall.”

I’ve been prepping myself for a dragon death since that dragon crossbow was unveiled. But the horror of the dragon not only dying but then being reborn as a walker was enough to bring me to tears and then make me feel like I was going to lose my dinner within a matter of minutes.

The horror I feel cannot be described. And the horror is only going to continue, because now the White Walkers have a dragon. And the pain will only continue, because you know Daenerys is going to see it. And we have to see it. And we now know the dragons are not even a little bit safe.

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Thankfully, I have Twitter to help share my grief. Let these tweets help you laugh through the tears.

RIP Viserion. Although, by next season, we’ll probably all be rooting for his death — again — since he’ll probably be breathing ice over all of our heroes. FML.

Do you agree that this was the most depressing episode of Game of Thrones yet?

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