Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Involved in Weird Interior Design Lawsuit

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be getting divorced, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have each other’s back in a strange new lawsuit filed against them both.

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The Guardian reports that the actors are being sued by interior designer Odile Soudant, who reportedly designed lighting at their Chateau Miraval estate in Correns, France. And Soudant isn’t asking for a small sum. In April, a court of appeals reportedly ordered the Pitt/Jolie camp to pay $662,000 for unpaid fees and damage to Soudant’s reputation because she claims she hasn’t received credit for her work.

She told The Guardian, “I am an artist and this is my work. When someone tries to steal my work, it is something else. This is all very painful for me.”

But a source told Refinery29 that Pitt isn’t in the wrong. Apparently, from Pitt’s side of things, Soudant has been paid in full, and both the project manager and the architect on the project have distanced themselves from Soudant because of her accusations. The source added that the project manager and the architect speak “incredibly highly” of Pitt.

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Pitt’s camp has even released a statement already: “We respect the Court’s decision resolving this long-running, standard dispute over payment of invoices. This narrow ruling does not address any copyright issues involving [lighting] designs developed by Brad and has no connection to Chateau Miraval.”

Jolie has yet to comment on the situation.

Though Soundant received her payment in April, she said she’s taking the story public now because she’s still fighting to receive credit for her work on the property.

She added, “Of course people think Brad Pitt is right, that ‘he’s the good guy and she is wrong.'”

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An architect on the property contradicted Soudant’s statements, explaining, “The lighting ideas came principally from Mr. Pitt himself. He is passionate about architecture and knew what he wanted to achieve.”