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21 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Raven-Symoné, Star of Raven’s Home

Not even Raven could have envisioned this: a house full of kids and no more high school drama of her own. When did that happen?

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Well, Raven-Symoné is here to tell you. She’s been pretty busy since high school and since That’s So Raven, so we asked the star 21 questions about every possible detail of that time, all the way from her Disney Channel classic to her favorite karaoke song. Take a look!

In the series spinoff, Raven’s Home features Raven, of course, and her best friend Chelsea, played by the one and only Anneliese van der Pol. The two live under one roof in Chicago as divorced single moms just trying to raise their children. Raven has twins, a boy and a girl named Booker and Nia, played by Issac Ryan Brown and Navia Robinson, and Chelsea has a son named Levi, played by Jason Maybaum. They’re definitely not in high school anymore.

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The one constant is Raven’s ability to see into the future, and the twist is that her son can, too, just like her. But Raven has no idea that Booker has the same ability. While Raven’s visions usually involve her kids, Booker’s are mostly about Nia and Levi. Booker’s first vision actually happens in the pilot, so we get to see him find out he has this ability, something That’s So Raven never did.

When asked the difference between the two shows, Raven said, “About 15 years and two children.” And that’s all the information I need to be hooked on Raven’s Home — that and confirmation that she says, “Oh, snap!” or “Yep, that’s me!” at least once an episode for the full nostalgic effect.

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New episodes of Raven’s Home air on Disney Channel every Friday at 8/7c. So, if you grew up with Raven in her high school days, check out what she’s been up to. It’s soooo Raven.

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