Here Are the Game of Thrones Spinoffs We’d Like to See

Once the Game of Thrones series ends with Season 8 in 2019, you can bet that isn’t the last time we’ll see Westeros.

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In fact, there’s already one Game of Thrones spinoff that is happening right now that will help curb those cravings for Season 8; prepare yourselves, it’s going to be amazing. According to ELLE, the Game of Thrones behind-the-scene series The Game Revealed will be airing episodes through all HBO streaming platforms with the first episode available on YouTube. You’ll get to see interviews with the actors as well as a look at how to world of Westeros came to be in Season 7. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Additionally, HBO has already confirmed that it is developing four different spinoff ideas. With a world as rich with characters and story as A Song of Ice and Fire, it’s no surprise. There are so many legends to explore, adventures to go on and magic to discover. Though it will be terribly devastating to not have new episodes of Game of Thrones to look forward to, there is a good chance that a new show in the Westeros universe will come along shortly to fill the void. At least, I hope so. I mean, if HBO doesn’t want a mob of angry GoT fans on its hands, the network would be wise to bring at least one of these spinoffs to life. And soon.

Robert's Rebellion
Image: HBO

1. Robert’s Rebellion

Robert’s Rebellion refers to the events just years before Game of Thrones began. At this point in the show, we pretty much know the details of what went down during Robert’s Rebellion — “pretty much” being the key words here. Prior to Robert’s Rebellion, the Targaryens were on the throne and ruled Westeros, but when Rhaegar Targaryen stole away Lyanna Stark, Robert’s betrothed, he reached his breaking point and challenged the crown. As we know from Game of Thrones, Robert won and took the iron throne. Thanks to Bran’s vision in Season 6, we know Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. And thanks to last week’s episode, we know that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married, meaning they must have actually cared about one another. The story is probably much more complex than we know so, obviously, I’d love to see it played out on screen.

The Night King in GoT
Image: HBO

2. The Rise of the Night King

If HBO chose to tackle this storyline, it would bring in a lot more fantasy to the franchise than we already see. We’re slowly but surely learning details about the White Walkers, such as the fact that they were created by the Children of the Forest to fight humans — a decision that ended poorly. We also know they have tried to invade Westeros before, but thanks to the hero Azor Ahai, the White Walkers were pushed from the region beyond the Wall. A series that showed us this legendary moment in Westeros’ history would be well worth the wait to see, especially depending on how Showdown 2 pans out in Game of Thrones.

Tales of Dunk and Egg
Image: HBO

3. Tales of Dunk and Egg

This series seems like a no-brainer for HBO to consider since George R.R. Martin has already written three tales in this spinoff. In fact, Martin has confirmed that HBO has approached him about developing the story. The series is set 90 years before the War of the Five Kings and follows the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg, aka Prince Aegon “Egg” Targaryen, aka the younger brother of Maester Aemon, aka King Aegon V.

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Dance of Dragons
Image: HBO

4. Dance With Dragons

Not only is Dance With Dragons the name of the fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, it also refers to a Westerosi civil war that happened about 200 years before Game of Thrones. Basically, some infighting over the rights to the throne happened early on in the Targaryen dynasty between King Viserys I’s second wife, Alicent, and his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, which led to an upset within the Seven Kingdoms. Luckily, if you are interested in all the glorious details, Martin has already published a novella going into the specifics of the war called The Princess and the Queen. He also writes about the moments leading up to the war in another novella, The Rogue Prince.

Aegon's conquest
Image: HBO

5. Aegon’s Conquest

What are two of the most defining characteristics in Game of Thrones? War and dragons. A series about Aegon’s conquest would deliver both in spades. Aegon I was the first king of Westeros after he united the seven kingdoms under one ruler for the first time. Prior to this, the Targaryens were the lords of Valyria. The ins and outs of his conquest and the events leading up to his takeover would make for a series that would be just as intriguing as our current match for the throne.

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If I had any say in the making of this show, my vote would be on the Robert’s Rebellion storyline, especially with everything we just discovered about Jon Snow’s lineage. That legend is filled with secrets I would love to explore. Plus, the Targaryens are known for being easy on the eyes, so I wouldn’t mind watching Rhaegar come to life.

Which spinoff would you most like to see?


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