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Ellen DeGeneres Wrote the Sweetest Message About Life with Portia de Rossi

It’s no secret that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are one of the sweetest couples in Hollywood — on the planet, for that matter.

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So on their anniversary, we almost expect them to blow our minds with cuteness from the sweet messages they write to each other to commemorate the day. This year did not disappoint.

They’ve been married nine years as of Wednesday, and DeGeneres marked the happy occasion with a snap from their wedding day — de Rossi in a stunning wedding dress and DeGeneres in a smart white suit — holding hands and laughing. The joy is so apparent on their faces, and it’s clear they still feel it even almost a decade later.

“@PortiadeRossi and I got married 9 years ago today,” DeGeneres wrote. “Being her wife is the greatest thing I am.”

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If that isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve read today… I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Earlier this month, DeGeneres told Good Housekeeping about how she and de Rossi are the perfect pair.

“Portia understands me completely,” she said. “In our vows, she recited a quote, ‘It is good to be loved. It is profound to be understood’ — and to me, that’s everything. What ‘I love you’ really means is ‘I understand you,’ and she loves me for everything that I am. She supports me and makes me happy.”

We kind of have to agree that they’re perfect together. Plus, seeing how cute and in love they are kind of makes us melt, so we really, really hope they keep that up.

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Here’s to many more years of sappy anniversary posts for DeGeneres and de Rossi!

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