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The New Boss on Dance Moms Is All Business & Zero Drama

A new era of Dance Moms is here, and it’s going to be just as intense as ever.

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With Abby Lee Miller in prison for bankruptcy fraud, the dancers needed a new boss, and they found it in Laurieann Gibson, a superstar choreographer who is there to make stars, fam. And she will not let you forget it.
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In a preview for the reign of Gibson, we get some sneak peeks at her screaming at the girls (because that’s basically a huge trope of this show), as well as a lot of her talking about how great she is. But she’s earned that right because she’s choreographed for Beyoncé. Also Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga; you can’t even be mad that she knows how great she is.

“I’m here to deliver No. 1 A-list superstars,” Gibson says in the preview as the camera cuts to one of the moms looking honestly shook and saying, “Laurieann Gibson is a little intense.”

She is definitely intense. But she’s intense in a way that makes for some hilarious reality TV, so bring it on.

“I am here to break this system and make this my studio,” Gibson brags in the video. “Abby Lee makes robots. I make stars.”

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The shade! Shots fired! Miller can’t even defend herself because she’s in prison. Fam, if this preview tells us anything, it’s that none of us are watching enough Dance Moms, and we need more of it in our lives, stat.

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