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Sneak Peek Photos for Next Week’s GoT Episode Are Here

If you can believe it, we are in the final stretch of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. It’s been a fast-paced season, with more Stark reunions and fiery dragon battles than we’ve seen in the last couple of seasons. But here we are, with the first look at GoT Season 7, Episode 6 and lots of photo analyzing to do.

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From the look of the photos, it would seem that we’re not going to be hanging out with Jaime and Cersei that much in King’s Landing. Rather, the primary locations for this episode will be at Winterfell, Dragonstone and north of The Wall. That means we’ll closely follow the movements of Arya and Sansa, Daenerys and Tyrion, and the small group of men marching to secure a White Walker (something that’s easier said than done).

Arya GoT S7E6
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO

Things look grim for Sansa and Arya, who appear to have a distance forming between them as a possible opposition begins to form. Arya was baited by Littlefinger into thinking Sansa never trusted her family and was more loyal to Cersei than to her own parents. This false information could poison their newly rekindled relationship rather that unite them.

Meanwhile, it looks like Sansa is getting a lengthy and seemingly intense message. Is it from Littlefinger? If not, who could she be communicating with?

Sansa GoT S7E6
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO

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Tyrion and Daenerys appear to be working closely together this week. It’s possible that Tyrion will try to calm Daenerys down after her hungry display for power when she killed the eldest Tarly men. Maybe he can get her in check before it’s too late.

Tyrion & Dany GoT S7E6
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO

Oh, and look at them just casually strolling along in Dragonstone with two of Daenerys’ dragons. No biggie. Just something totally awesome.

Dragons GoT S7E6
Image: Courtesy of HBO

Look at all these handsome-as-hell guys just trekking through the snow. They’re on an incredibly dangerous mission to retrieve a White Walker, which they could possibly present as proof to Cersei that a White Walker invasion is coming. That’s a bit foolhardy considering there is only a handful of them and millions of White Walkers. Keep your fingers crossed, guys.

Jon Snow GoT S7E6
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO

Beric Dondarrion, part of the Brotherhood Without Banners, has a flaming sword! You guys, it’s time to light these White Walkers up. It’s no secret that Beric has been revived many times by a fellow member of the Brotherhood, Thoros of Myr. Considering Beric’s status as a member of the technically-undead-but-still-maybe-dead and that flaming sword he’s wielding, this may be a sign that they can defeat the White Walkers when things get tough.

Beric GoT S7E6
Image: Courtesy of HBO

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Episode 6 is going to be intense, and these pictures are proof positive that you do not want to miss it.

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