Lady Gaga Will Defend Kesha in Court Against Dr. Luke’s Defamation Case

It’s no secret that Kesha is truly making the comeback that we are all living for. Her new music finally reveals who Kesha has become, and after five years out of the spotlight, it’s so good to have her back; it’s safe to say she’s living her best life.

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But it took five years for a reason. Kesha’s comeback wasn’t going to happen overnight, especially with the protracted courtroom drama she’s been embroiled in, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Currently, Dr. Luke is currently countersuing Kesha for defamation coming after the pop star sued the producer in 2014 for physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The latter, as we all know, were lost battles, which is why Kesha is still far from closing this chapter of her life’s story.

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Now, Lady Gaga may be able to shed some light on this case. According to Paper magazine, Lady Gaga and her lawyers were subpoenaed by Dr. Luke and his lawyers back in June. The belief was that since Gaga worked with Dr. Luke at the time when Kesha alleged he had assaulted her, Gaga’s testimony would reveal something more about what had happened. It’s interesting to note that Gaga reportedly had text message exchanges with Kesha during the time frame of the allegations, which may explain why Gaga was subpoenaed. However, before submitting the record of those text conversations, they were heavily redacted per Gaga’s legal team.

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Now, Lady Gaga will take the stand to add context to those text messages, and of course, in defense of Kesha. “Lady Gaga has always been prepared to testify so long as reasonable limitations were established,” said Gaga’s lawyer. “That has now been accomplished.”

Hopefully, Lady Gaga can shed some light on the alleged abuse Dr. Luke has put Kesha through. Now, all we can hope for is that this matter gets resolved quickly and that Kesha will finally — finally — be allowed to move on with her life.