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Emma Stone Has Dethroned Jennifer Lawrence as Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress

In salaries-that-I’ll-never-have news, Emma Stone has surpassed Jennifer Lawrence as the highest paid female actor in Hollywood. Both huge proponents of pay equality, Lawrence and Stone have spoken out for women’s rights, especially in essays and interviews over the last year.

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According to Forbes, Stone’s total income over the past year came to $26 million, beating out Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence. Most of that number comes from her work on La La Land, the blockbuster and Oscar winner that garnered rave reviews and took in more than $445 million at the global box office. She also won the Oscar for Best Actress and has more work coming up with Steve Carell in a film called Battle of the Sexes. So you could say Stone’s doin’ pretty damn well for herself.

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Not that money is a competition, but Aniston only comes in at a close second with $25.5 million, mostly from her endorsements with Emirates Airlines, Smartwater and Aveeno as well as a few projects like her film The Yellow Birds. Jennifer Lawrence snags a third-place spot with only $24 million from her upcoming thriller film Mother and an endorsement deal with Dior, which is an endorsement for life. Lawrence also topped the list last year as the highest-paid actress.

Stone said in an interview this year that her co-stars have taken pay cuts for her so that they can match. “If my male co-star, who has a higher quote than me but believes we are equal, takes a pay cut so that I can match him, that changes my quote in the future and changes my life.”

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The common denominator, of course, is that the highest paid female actors in Hollywood are white women. The problem with this has always been persistent — lack of visibility and representation in film and television and pay gaps between races and genders. While white women generally make 70 cents to the white man’s dollar, black women only make 67 cents to the dollar. So since there’s so much work to be done within Hollywood’s systemic racism, hopefully these three women help on the path to true equality.

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