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10 People Who Swear the Bachelor in Paradise Scandal Was Scripted

After all the controversy surrounding the alleged Corinne Olympios-DeMario Jackson scandal, Bachelor in Paradise has failed us all by not properly addressing what actually happened when the show shut down production and began investigating sexual assault claims.

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Instead, they did what the Bachelor franchise does. They gave us a lot of teases, a ton of buildup, promises of answers and then failed to deliver. Instead, the show focused on saving their own asses and getting the cast to agree that ABC isn’t liable before continuing the show.

And now they’re teasing sit-down interviews with Olympios and Jackson, which will apparently actually clear up all the drama.

“…we did do one-on-one sit-downs with Chris Harrison that will air the following week with both Corinne and DeMario where they talk about what happened,” ABC reality chief Robert Mills explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “The footage you will see in those first two episodes will correspond with what they are saying. You will definitely see first-hand what happened that first day, and then you’ll see Corinne and DeMario’s explanation and thinking of how they felt everything happened and how everything happened during the investigation and afterwards.”

The letdown on tonight’s episode was so crushing and disappointing, in fact, that many fans are now convinced the entire scandal was simply an elaborate publicity stunt to garner ratings for the new season.

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Twitter was not impressed.

I hope for the sake of assault victims everywhere that the show wouldn’t stoop to such low levels in order to get viewers. But, well, I have seen UnREAL.

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Do you think the Jackson-Olympios sexual assault accusations were all just a publicity stunt?

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