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Aaron Rodgers Is Dating Again, & Olivia Munn ‘Couldn’t Care Less’

It looks like Aaron Rodgers is officially dating again if sightings of the NFL player dining out with soccer player Marie Margolius are any indication. And, hey, it’s apparently no sweat off ex Olivia Munn’s back — a source told Us Weekly that “Olivia couldn’t care less about Aaron dating someone new.”

On Sunday, Aug. 13, Rodgers and Margolius were spotted on NYC’s Upper East Side heading into The East Pole restaurant around 10 p.m. Sources say the 33-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback appeared at ease, albeit reserved.

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“When they walked in, they asked for a quiet, private booth. His arm wasn’t around her, but it was stretched out on top of the booth behind her,” an insider reportedly told Us Weekly. “He wore his hat tilted very low, and Marie did most of the talking to staff. They seemed pretty comfortable with each other.”

Prior to Rodgers stepping out with Margolius, of course, he dated Munn for three years before they went their separate ways in the spring of this year. The relationship wasn’t without controversy, as sources often cited it as the reason for Rodgers’ rift with his family.

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The family drama became public fodder last summer on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, which famously included Rodgers’ younger brother Jordan (who, for the record, went on to win Fletcher’s heart). Since that time in the spotlight, the family has remained largely mum about the rift, although reports claim the family never trusted Munn’s motives for being with the NFLer.

If the Us Weekly source is right, though, and Munn truly “couldn’t care less” about Rodgers’ dating life, well, it looks like everyone could simply be moving on.

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