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You Can Own the Exact Same Cape Jon Snow Wears in GoT

Collecting ~actual, certified props~ from movies and TV shows is a hobby usually reserved for the most rabid of fans.

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For Game of Thrones watchers, though, it’s as easy as a trip to Ikea.

Costume designers for the show just revealed that the warm, furry capes worn by members of the Night’s Watch — including Jon Snow! — are actually just repurposed rugs from the Swedish furniture chain. And to get in on the publicity, Ikea was kind enough to publish an illustrated guide to turning one of its Skold rugs into a cape. All it takes is some scissors, fam. We had no idea Jon Snow was so into DIY, but seriously, anyone can do this.

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And the best part? Having a legitimate piece of Game of Thrones costumery will only set you back a whopping $79. We didn’t even know they had Ikea in Winterfell, but it’s no wonder all the Night’s Watchmen shop there, with screamin’ deals like that.

Naturally, the internet is losing its mind a little bit over this, but as of Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after this news broke, Ikea still hadn’t sold out of Skold rugs. We can kind of imagine that they will, though, so if this is something you’re into, you probably want to move quickly. They’re available for both in-store pickup and at-home delivery. Who knew surviving winter was that convenient?

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And in case you need one more reason to jump on ordering your rug now, remember, GoT fans: Winter Halloween is coming.

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