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Game of Thrones Welcomed [SPOILER] Back, & the Internet Reacted Accordingly

One of the most lore-packed, jaw-dropping episodes of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday night, and believe you me, there’s a lot to discuss. Cersei casually dropped the news that she was pregnant again with her brother’s baby, Jon assembled a band of rogues to go catch a White Walker (easier said than done) and perhaps the most shocking reveal of them all was the return of Gendry Baratheon, the dead king Robert Baratheon’s son.

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There had been speculation that Gendry would return when it was believed, days before the episode aired, that he would come back thanks to IMDb accidentally posting actor Joe Dempsie’s credits on the Season 7, Episode 5 credit list.

This was concretely confirmed, though, when the big reveal came while Davos and Tyrion were in King’s Landing. Tyrion was there to convince Jaime that Cersei should drop her war against Daenerys (momentarily) so they could all unite against the White Walkers. While Tyrion was meeting under the castle with his brother, Davos went into town to check in on dear old Gendry, who apparently made it back from his rowing trip in one piece — a meta joke Davos himself made in the opening moments of the scene.

Gendry and Davos’ meeting was as warm and fuzzy as could possibly be allowed in a brutal show like GoT, but it remains somewhat unclear precisely why Gendry is being brought back into the show’s storyline. Yes, he’ll prove invaluable to Jon’s team as they go into the North and The Wall to get a White Walker, and sure, it looks like he and Jon are going to have a sweet bromance as time goes on. But why now? Why would Davos come for him after four seasons away (the last time we saw him in the blasted rowboat was in Season 3).

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There may be a deeper purpose for Gendry’s return to GoT, but honestly, fam, the internet was too busy losing their minds over the simple fact that he had returned to even analyze the situation. No, really. Just look at these fiery reactions to Gendry just casually popping up like it’s no big deal.

One viewer made this hilariously astute observation:

Other viewers aptly described how everyone felt when Gendry seriously couldn’t keep his chill for, like, 10 seconds after meeting Jon Snow.

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It’s good to have you back, Gendry. We missed you like crazy.

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