Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams Are Non-Blood Sisters IRL

Game of Thrones is more than just a fictional fantasy show, even more than one of the most epic storylines in history, because it brought Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams together. They are what you might call sisters from different misters, BFFs for life and maybe even just straight-up #FriendshipGoals. And we’ve gotten to watch their relationship unfold as the two have grown up both on-screen and off-screen.

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In honor of Turner and Williams’ friendship anniversary (yes, it’s a thing) on Aug. 7 and the fact that they’re now reunited on screen in Game of Thrones, we’re celebrating the best moments between these two. They’ve been inseparable since they began working on the hit fantasy show together, and their photos are proof positive that this friendship will probably last long after the show has ended.

Don’t believe me? Check it out.

1. They have their own couple name

#Mophie is real.

2. They celebrate their friendship anniversary

It’s Aug. 7, 2009, in case you were wondering.

3. They got matching tattoos

In honor of their friendship, Williams and Turner got peach ink tattoos that read “07.08.09,” the date they first met.

4. They Carpool Karaoke together

Coming in 2017, the Carpool Karaoke we’ve been waiting for.

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5. They get silly together

6. They party together

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7. They Vine together

A friendship couple that Vines together stays together.

8. They travel together

9. They gush about their first meeting

On stage with Turner at the 2013 Emmys Panel, Williams talked about the first time she met Turner.

Aw, that’s so cute.

10. Williams revealed Turner’s smell

11. They would both choose the other to rule

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12. And last but certainly not least… they boob grab

What is your favorite #Mophie moment?


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