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Carrie Underwood Is a Cosplay Mom, & It’s Cool

Carrie Underwood isn’t like a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.

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And that means that bedtime at her house isn’t like regular bedtime — it’s cool bedtime. The whole family gets involved and there are costumes and superheroes, and Underwood is really slaying the mom game right now, you know?

She posted a few photos on Instagram showing her, husband Mike Fisher and their son, Isaiah, getting ready for bed by wearing costumes from the Disney series PJ Masks, which is about kids who live regular lives during the day, then put on their “PJ Masks” and fight crime after bedtime. And according to Underwood’s caption, cosplay is just a regular part of the routine, right in there with brushing and flossing.

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“Just a typical Thursday night at the Fisher house…featuring Catboy, Gekko and Owlette! It’s time to be a hero! #PJMasks,” she wrote.

It’s all pretty dang adorable, and little Isaiah looks like he’s having a blast. What’s even better is that Underwood and Fisher look like they’re having a blast, too. PJ Masks may be a pretty popular kids’ show, but it is dull if you’re an adult, and the fact that they’re getting so into this just to make sure their kid has a good time is so sweet and adorable.

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But then, Underwood is flawless at pretty much everything she does, so it’s not really surprising that she’s #ParentingGoals even for something as simple as a bedtime routine.

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