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Mariah Carey’s Ex-Choreographer Has Heavy Stuff to Say About His Former Boss

Hi, everyone. Let’s just talk about Mariah Carey for a second.

Obviously, she is a true queen. Her singing range and talents know no bounds, and her 1990s regal status will live on forever and ever. But if we’re being honest, why the hell is she still performing?

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The pop star’s recent shows have been subpar, to say the very most, and to put it mildly, Mariah Carey is “really two performances away from just taking a nap on stage,” to quote Twitter user @PrincessOfWifi. She’s been essentially motionless ever since her New Year’s Eve performance on live television, when she didn’t even try to keep up with her lip-syncing track. It was a disaster, but a beautiful one that we all just laughed about and moved on from.

However, the NYE debacle wasn’t so funny for Carey’s former lead choreographer and creative director, Anthony Burrell, who was let go immediately after the world laughed at her. He recently spoke with Elle magazine about his time with the superstar and what really could be going on with her these days.

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“Mariah is clear: when she doesn’t want to do something, she doesn’t do it. She’s performing with lackluster and no fucks given, and it’s taking away her star,” Burell said. Strong fighting words to start off. “Working with an artist like Mariah, who’s not a mover first, it’s always a challenge to get them to think physically and not just vocally.”

That definitely explains Carey’s sluggishness on stage, and I guess when you pair that with her infamous diva attitude, this is what we get.

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Burrell continued, speaking directly to Mariah now. “You’re a legend. But you don’t care, your team doesn’t care,” he said. “They’re not guiding and directing her. She’s back to where she was before. It’s not like she’s never looked this bad before; I just stepped her game up.”

Well, I guess we’ll just have to get used to this.

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