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Britney Spears Rushed Off Stage Mid-concert After Terrifying Incident

OK, but why would someone want to hurt Britney Spears?

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Spears just started back at her Las Vegas residency after taking a little summer vacay, and while she performed her ’90s hit “Crazy,” some crazy dude rushed the stage and tried to run toward her. He did a cartwheel onstage and kicked a security guard in the process before he was tackled by security. With the intruder safely on the ground, Spears wrapped up the song, asking the crowd, “Are you guys having fun?”

That’s when her security team moved around her, and she could be heard asking, “Is everything OK?” Then her knees buckle as she asks, “He has a gun?” and security ushers her offstage.

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From the video, it’s hard to see what’s happening to the man as Spears is being escorted offstage, but according to reports, the real heroes here are Spears’ backup dancers, who helped subdue the man onstage and kept him in one place until security could fully remove him and eject him from the building. And according to E! News, that’s all that happened — he got kicked out, and nothing is reported about any charges filed against him, which is honestly surprising.

As he was removed from the venue, fans can be heard chanting “We love you” and “Asshole,” but Spears didn’t return to the stage after incident, according to The Daily Mail. The site reached out to Spears’ team and Las Vegas police, but wasn’t able to get any information on who the man was or whether any charges were filed.

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Spears’ residency is continuing in Vegas through December, and we can only hope the rest of it goes smoother than this.

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