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The American Horror Story: Cult Cast Just Gave a Bunch of Upcoming-Season Deets

The TCA Tour, or the Television Critics Association tour, featured FX on Wednesday in their network panels, specifically for American Horror Story. The panel seats included Sarah Paulson, Alison Pill, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Leslie Grossman, Alexis Martin Woodall, Lou Eyrich, and Eryn Krueger Mekash. No specifics were given on the upcoming season, but definitely enough details were spilled to get fans excited for Cult.

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Entertainment writer for CBS Watch magazine Jim Colucci tweeted from the tour, “@AHSFX is keeping such a tight lid on this season they won’t tell us why they had more advance scripts this year before shooting.” 

The cast wasn’t opening up about the process during production, and only a few preproduction secrets were given, like Billie Lourd’s inclusion this season. “I was a big fan and made that known,” said Lourd. “But I did not lobby, per se.” Her move comes from the Fox TV show Scream Queens, where the breakout actress and daughter of Carrie Fisher, played Chanel #3. Speaking on that role compared to this AHS role, “My character is more of a human this time.”

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Probably the biggest reveal of the whole panel was that Alison Pill’s and Sarah Paulson’s characters are a couple. They are one of only two couples who are married in the house this season. Pill mentioned some time she spent with Paulson before Cult started production. “Sarah Paulson and I went to dinner to talk #AHSCult — we had scripts in advance. We’ve known each other a long time.” Pill also admitted that she has developed a “someone is waiting to murder me in my shower” fear because of being a part of this season.

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And finally, some pretty big plot information about this upcoming season from Woodall: “[American Horror Story is about] what’s going on in our world around us… It’s not what you think it is.”

That’s all the information I need to be insanely excited about this new season.

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