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Rihanna Curved Diplo So Hard, & Twitter Is Freaking Out

Not to say that every summer hasn’t been someone’s Summer of Rihanna, but it’s absolutely safe to say that this summer is everyone’s Summer of Rihanna. The star is living her best life these days, making headlines for every little wonderful thing she does. Like when she was seen doing some heavy kissing in a hot tub with her very hot new boo or when she rocked that look at the Met Gala (yeah, that one) and even this weekend when she participated in the Barbados Crop Over Festival and dressed in her truly breathtaking native costume.

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But honestly, nothing comes close to when Rihanna compared Diplo’s music to “a reggae song at an airport” on Tuesday.

What makes this so great is that Rihanna hasn’t apologized for saying it. She and Diplo, a house music DJ, have attempted to collaborate before, but RiRi has refused, once saying, “I don’t do house music,” according to a GQ interview with the DJ. And in her Instagram post of the Paper magazine article, headlined “Rihanna Told Diplo His Music Reminded Her of a ‘Reggae Song at an Airport,’” Rihanna simply captioned, “#DutyFree My bad @diplo”.

A truly incredible time to be alive.

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Besides this hilarious reaction, the pop star has been known never to take too much too seriously. Her Instagram is full of memes and pictures aligning with current events, like when she photo edited Queen Elizabeth II’s head on some of her most popular outfits or when she posted a meme of Barack Obama during the time when he was leaving the White House before Trump’s presidential inauguration.

So if we can learn anything from Rihanna, it’s that taking yourself too seriously when you’re one of the world’s biggest celebrities is unnecessary, and just being yourself can be super-cool. She’s also taught us that wearing sunglasses from the 1980s and 1990s can and should be a red carpet look.

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Oh, and if we didn’t know already, Rihanna taught us that Diplo’s music sucks.

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