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10 Big Brother 19 Moments You Didn’t See on TV (but Should Have)

After 19 seasons of Big Brother, you’d think we’ve seen it all by now: bad decisions, hidden alliances, way too many showmances. But this season, Big Brother 19 has blown our minds time and time again. First, Paul Abrahamian returns from Big Brother 18, the season where he lost to Nicole “The Snake” Franzel. OK, it wasn’t surprising, but bringing back a veteran again? Really? Are we done yet? And don’t even get me started on Josh Martinez and his erratic pots-and-pans-banging, “meatball”-insult-slinging self.

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But it isn’t just the players who are questionable. The editing of each show and what producers have chosen to show America has really gotten Twitter (and Reddit) talking. After you see the following list of moments you didn’t see on the show, your opinion about the players (and who you’re rooting for) might just change.

1. Who really stole the cat ears?

During that explosive fight in the kitchen between Jessica Graf, Raven Walton and Alex Ow, Alex brings up those dang cat ears. She truly believes Jess stole them, but really? It was Raven.

2. Questioning Cody Nickson’s military service

But that’s not all that happened during that fight. Paul, Alex and Christmas Abbott (Christmas!) went as far as to question and mock Cody’s military experience. Really?

3. The entire edit of the fight

But that’s not it! You only saw a sliver of what actually went down during that fight. You didn’t see: the high-five Paul gives Raven or Raven’s sailor mouth, which is basically just Raven being disgusting.

4. Kevin Schlehuber is a liar & a genius

Kevin may be coming off as the fun, goofy guy, but he’s got a dark mafia past — and he’s playing the game well. Here’s a solid Reddit thread you should follow, solely about Kevin’s game.

5. Raven has a disease!

Raven has a life-threatening disease that affects her GI tract, but she eats… The. Most. Junk. Food. Ever.

6. Cody has auditioned before
Cody tells some of the houseguests that he auditioned for BB15… Could you imagine? Would have probably been infinitely better than this Paul vs. Cody storyline that won’t die.

7. Elena Davies in the diary room

Welp, not sure how this one got out, but hey, this is what really goes down in the diary room. (But y’all knew this already, right?)

8. Raven’s accent

Raven's accent schedule
Image: Jonazq/Reddit

Live feed viewers have noticed something fishy about Raven: her accent. Does she have one? Does she fake it? Either way, it’s been discussed enough that someone created the nifty chart above.

9. The, um, butt poking?

So, apparently, Jess (and the rest of the house, really) have been, uh, poking one another’s rear ends. Alex got emotional about it and didn’t appreciate it one bit.

10. Kevin & Christmas: Cuddle buddies

So, he’s married, and she’s flirty. Acceptable or not?

11. Paul’s “black face” comment
You probably know about this one by now, but if not, here’s what happened: When Dominique Cooper was still in the house, Paul was seen debating whether he should wear a black mask (what he described as a “black face”) and a snake-print romper (which he did do) in an effort to mock Dom, who called him a “snake.” If you’re still rooting for Paul, I don’t know what say.

That’s all for now. Let us know which unseen #BB19 moments we should add to the list, and we’ll get right on it.

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