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Judd Apatow, Father of 2 Daughters, Says He’s Not a Feminist

You guys, it’s 2017. Can’t we just get the feminism thing figured out? It’s not that hard. Equality for all women and all men and all the people who don’t identify as either across all races and sexual orientations. Or, if you need it put more simply than that, equality. Just equality for everyone.

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In another category entirely are the people who clearly are feminists, but won’t admit it because they think the word is some politically loaded term for man-hating. Judd Apatow is apparently one of those for some reason. While he’s super-progressive in his work, he’s now claiming he’s not a feminist. Go figure.

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When asked by an interview for Vulture if he considers himself a feminist, Apatow replied, “I don’t, at least not in those terms. I just try to do what’s right whenever I see the opportunity. With Bridesmaids, I never thought, ‘It’d be great if there was a movie that starred a lot of women, and maybe that will help open some doors.’ It’s great if that ends up happening, but that sort of thinking is never the starting point.”

So, like, it’s cool if feminist thinking is spread by his movies, but he’s not going to do that intentionally? Except he does do that intentionally because, in the same interview, Apatow talks about how he goes out of his way to make sure his films pass the Bechdel test (in part because his wife, Leslie Mann, has actively educated him on its importance), and all but one of them do. So, he’s making sure his films adhere to feminist ideals, but he’s not a feminist? OK, bro.

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The truth appears to be that Apatow is a feminist, even by his own standards, but the word has been so twisted that he doesn’t want to be associated with it. How messed up is that?

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