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Anna Faris Subtly Hinted at Marital Problems One Week Ago

Were there clues that there was trouble for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris? Could we have seen their devastating split coming?

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Some people think so.

Just a week before they made their joint announcement about their legal separation, Faris liked a tweet written by writer Kelly Oxford about divorce.

“So far the hardest part of divorce is not having anyone to yell with when the printer isn’t working,” Oxford wrote. The tweet showed up in Faris’ liked tweets on her Twitter profile.

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Of course, hindsight is 20/20, as there were other clues. In recent interviews, both Faris and Pratt talked about how difficult it can be to maintain a relationship under the scrutiny of fame. Still, though, even if someone had told us there was trouble in paradise, we’re not sure we would have believed it unless it came straight from the source.

Now we just have to try to remember the good times that made us fall in love with them as a Hollywood power couple. Faris’ new memoir, Unqualifiedmay help us do that; although in light of the news of their split, the book’s future is a little bit uncertain. Written by Faris with a foreword written by Pratt, it was being shopped to publishers before they announced their separation. According to People, we know that it’s a powerful reflection on marriage and the ways it can evolve, grow or end. Additionally, in an excerpt from Pratt’s foreword, this description of Faris is reportedly still present: “She is fierce and very loyal, she rarely punishes people. But when she does, it’s powerful and terrifying, and when it’s over, it’s really over. (Power and terror are acceptable in a partner but absolutely necessary in a mother, as far as I’m concerned). And she does mother very well, both our son, Jack, and me, when needed.”

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Whatever happens with the book, we know we’ll be reading it as soon as we can. Leave it to Pratt and Faris to remind us, even in the midst of their breakup, that true love is real.

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