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Game of Thrones Might Bring Back the One Character We’ve Been Dying to See

It looks like IMDb might have actually spoiled something huge about Game of Thrones Season 7, and folks, we need to talk about it.

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As it happens, Elle noticed something funny about the credits for the fifth episode of Season 7, “Eastwatch.” Among the actors listed for the episode, it appears that actor Joe Dempsie, who played Gendry, is listed. Screen-caps of the goof were quickly captured and posted on Twitter, but shortly thereafter, the “Eastwatch” credits page had been scrubbed of any trace of Dempsie’s possible involvement. So, did IMDb accidentally confirm that Gendry will actually return to Game of Thrones and it could be happening very soon?

Here’s the deal: It’s very, very possible; this IMDb slip-up only fuels that speculative fire. While the credit error has been fixed (although it’s preserved in screen-cap form), if Dempsie does indeed appear in “Eastwatch,” it would mean that fans will finally — finally — get to find out what happened to Gendry after he went on the longest rowboat journey in television history.

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Meanwhile, Nerdist pointed out that Dempsie was reportedly spotted on set while Season 7 was filming and he even appeared at the Season 7 premiere, which is where the rumors of Gendry’s return began. Gosh, I hope this is really happening. At any rate, we should temper our expectations, because Elle also made sure to note that Dempsie’s credits for Season 7 might be for one episode, which implies he could die or just get sent away again.

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Either way, start crossing your fingers now. We need to know what happened to Gendry ASAP, and hopefully, it happens in “Eastwatch.”

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