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Backlash Against Rachel Was Swift & Real During The Bachelorette Finale

Warning: The Bachelorette Season 13 finale spoilers ahead.

Welp… it looks like Bryan won Rachel’s heart on The Bachelorette finale. Surprise, surprise. What she didn’t win in the process were the hearts of Bachelor Nation because, as Bryan was the winner, that meant that fan-favorite Peter was given the boot.

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Do you mean to tell me that after of season of wildly great chemistry and a crazy-good connection, she actually just broke up with Peter? Oh, and you’re also gonna try and tell me that if Peter had caved and offered Rachel a ring that she still would have picked Bryan? That goodbye kiss between she and Peter spoke volumes, people. Volumes.

And then there was their reunion on the live taping. She was dishing some serious sass to him. I thought he had every right to say he felt attacked. He tried to apologize to her and instead of accepting it, she clapped back about living her best life. That’s just not cool, Rachel.

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Thankfully, there was Twitter to support us through this tough finale. Fans clearly shared some of my feelings about the way Peter was treated during the finale and aftershow; they didn’t hide their dismay at Peter’s elimination and the way he was subsequently treated. It would seem that, in the process of this controversial finale, Rachel might have fallen out of favor with Bachelor Nation.

In the court of public opinion, Peter is the actual winner of the finale tonight. While Rachel may have gotten her giant sparkly engagement ring, she actually let go of a really great man and now has to face the wrath of displeased fans.

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Only time will tell whether all of this drama can be smoothed over, but for now, Bachelor Nation is clearly heated.

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