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An Eerie Fact About the It Movie Remake Has the Internet Shook

It looks like life just got a whole lot scarier. Not just because the remake of Stephen King’s classic horror flick It is inching ever so close to its Sept. 8 release, but also due to one totally unsettling fact about the film that has just emerged on the internet. The timing of the release of this new version of It coincides with the fact that, according to the lore created by King, the titular demon awakens every 27 years.

Here’s the deal. In 1986, King published a bestseller about a malevolent monster clown who lived in the gutter and devoured small children. In 1990 (27 years ago), that book made its way onto TV screens as a nightmare-inducing adapted miniseries. Spooky, right? Of course the movie gods couldn’t just let us have our false sense of security and decided they should break through our safe little clown-free existences by rebooting It.

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If the mere thought of such a remake isn’t enough to send a cold, hard shiver down your spine, John Squires, a writer for Bloody Disgusting, just took to Twitter to solidify our sleepless status for the months preceding and following the new It.

“In Stephen King’s novel, IT awakens every 27 years. IT premiered on TV in 1990. IT is hitting theaters in 2017, 27 years later.” Cue the shivers running up and down your spine, fam.

Either the creative brains over at New Line Cinema are sneaky geniuses when it comes to timing or King’s classic book basically just predicted the re-emergence of its terrifying antagonist. And since no one at New Line has stepped up to take credit, we’re betting on the latter.

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Naturally, the internet is very shook. Fans cannot handle the spookiness of this chronological coincidence, and they’re letting it be known on social media.

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We can practically hear the words of It now: “Let go. Be afraid. You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.”

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