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Amber Heard’s Statement About Her Split From Elon Musk Is Hopeful

Update Aug. 9, 2017, 8:35 a.m. PT: After all that she has been through in the last few years in regard to her private life, it’s only right that we give Amber Heard her space to process her split from Elon Musk. In fact, she has released a statement on her Instagram recently, indirectly commenting on the breakup while sounding optimistic overall about her future.

On Tuesday, Heard broke her silence with the posting of two photos on her Instagram. In one photo, the word “Give” was spelled out in what looks like flowers. In the second photo, more flowers spell out the word “Love.” Alongside these photos, she wrote: “Being in the public eye means having to explain yourself to so many people, so much of the time. In this case, I’d like to remain more quiet. Although we have broken up, Elon and I care deeply for one another and remain close. Thank you for the continued support, respect, and privacy during these difficult, very human times.”

While it’s clear that Heard is remaining hopeful and even optimistic about what the future holds, this breakup cannot have been easy. She’s been through so much in recent years, especially where her personal life is concerned, that it’s probably best to give her space to process.

Original story:

Did we really need more bad news? On the day we learned that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have separated, it feels like things couldn’t get much worse. But when it rains, it pours, as yet another celeb couple we were rooting for, Amber Heard and Elon Musk, have reportedly broken up too.

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Multiple sources revealed to E News that the pair has called it quits, with a few saying their busy schedules made it impossible to pull off a relationship right now.

“The timing wasn’t good for them,” one insider told Us Weekly. “He’s super busy and works all the time. Amber is filming [Aquaman] in Australia until October. She’s in no position to settle with him. She feels her career is just starting.”

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This news comes after a sweet love story we couldn’t help but swoon over. Musk has been low-key in love with Heard for literally years. No really. He reportedly sent a note to their mutual pal, director Robert Rodriguez, writing, “Can you send her a note saying I would like to get together for lunch in L.A.? Am not angling for a date. I know she’s in a long-term relationship, but …Amber just seems like an interesting person to meet.” That was when she was still married to Johnny Depp, but Musk has been in the background, biding his time until she was available.

They eventually did meet and become friends, and when Heard and Depp divorced, the rumors started flying. It wasn’t long before the two went Instagram-official when Heard posted a photo to Instagram that showed her sitting next to Musk with her lipstick print still fresh on his cheek.

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R.I.P. love.

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