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The Internet Is on Fire After Last Night’s Game of Thrones Episode

I have so many words swirling around in my head right now, and none of them are really appropriate to start off this Game of Thrones article.

WARNING: If you have not watched the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, do not read on (unless you want it to be spoiled for you).

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Luckily, Twitter has my back on this one because WTH OMFGD.

There are also questions. So many questions. Is Drogon gonna die?

Is Jaime gonna die?

What about Daenerys?!

Who was it that saved Jaime from a fiery death? Was it Bronn? Was it Dickon? Did Tyrion somehow swoop down on the back of a Dothraki horse? Kidding… kind of. (Never underestimate Game of Thrones.) In all seriousness, my money’s on Bronn.

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But then… Will Tyrion and Jaime reunite? So many potential reunions this season.
Also, I really, really hate that dragon crossbow. I hope Drogon destroyed it and there’s no hope of it ever coming back because if the show kills a dragon this season (which I think they might), I’m going to lose my mind. A dragon death might be the worst death in the history of this show. Don’t touch those precious fire-breathing behemoths!

Oh and, last thing, can we just take a second to remember Khal Drogo in this moment.

He would have been so proud of his Khaleesi.

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I on the other hand can’t decide if I was on her side or Jaime’s side. I mean, obviously I don’t want the Lannisters to win because… Cersei. But I really don’t want Bronn to die. Or Jaime. And that Dickon is kind of growing on me too. On the flip side A Song of Ice and Fire just doesn’t exist without the fire, so Daenerys can’t go anywhere.

Who were you rooting for tonight in Game of Thrones‘ epic dragon battle?

P.S. R.I.P. GoT Ed Sheeran.

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