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Sean Spicer Is Too Good Too Busy for DWTS

When White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced that he was leaving his job at the White House and Zach Braff tweeted this:

…we thought he was kidding. Like, really, is that what the people want? Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars?

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Apparently so.

Word is already out that Dancing With the Stars actually offered Spicer a spot on the upcoming season, which will film and air this fall. Unfortunately (or fortunately? Honestly, I don’t even know anymore), Spicer turned the offer down, saying he’s going to have an “overwhelming number of commitments” this fall and he won’t have time for reality TV.

According to sources close to Spicer, he wouldn’t have fared well anyway — “He’s not a good dancer,” they told TMZ.

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While he’s apparently too busy for reality TV, Spicer isn’t ruling out TV altogether — sources have been saying he’s holding meetings with all the major TV networks about who’s going to get an exclusive post-White House interview with him. No word on whether any of them have actually secured that interview — or whether any of them are actually interested.

Spicer is also reportedly looking for a book deal and speaking engagements, but, again, there’s no indication that he’s going to land either.

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Is his best chance at capitalizing on his fame actually Dancing With the Stars? Maybe Spicer should reevaluate his decision to turn that offer down. Sounds like it might be his best shot at staying in the pseudo-spotlight.

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