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In Rare Family Photo, Megan Fox’s Son Is Living His Best Life in a Frozen Dress

In case there was somehow a shadow of a doubt in your mind that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have truly adorable children, Fox just shared a rare glimpse into their family life that should squash any lingering uncertainty.

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It’s officially official — the stunning human-beings-slash-parents produced equally beautiful offspring. And you know what else? It looks like they’re doing a pretty badass job at the whole parenting thing too.

Fox showed off her happy family on Monday, July 31 in a collage consisting of four separate Polaroid pictures. In one corner, the couple’s son Noah flashes a contagious smile while rocking a Princess Elsa ensemble. Next to him, Fox looks predictably flawless in a selfie. In another corner, little Bodhi, 3, cheeses by holding a red mustache to his face. And rounding out the fun montage is Green with cute baby Journey chilling on his chest in a baby carrier.

Of course, it didn’t take long for some haters with apparently puritanical values to criticize Noah’s wardrobe choice (and his parents for allowing it). It took even less time, though, for others to defend the boy — as well as Fox and Green for not forcing their son to live his life according to played-out stereotypes.

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Regardless, it’s ridiculous anyone would lash out at a child for engaging in any kind of harmless creative play. We should be encouraging kids to explore the things that inspire them, whether it’s a little boy wearing a ball gown or a little girl dressing up as Batman.

It looks to us like Fox and Green are doing a damn fine job with their beautiful (and happy!) fam.

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