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Kate Hudson Reacts to Anthony Scaramucci’s Exit With the Perfect Photo

Kate Hudson had, hands down, maybe the best commentary on the news that Anthony Scaramucci was no longer the White House communications director. Shortly after the news broke on Monday afternoon, Hudson took to her Instagram to poke fun at the news by posting a revamped photo of the movie poster for her romantic comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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The photo swapped out Hudson and her co-star in the film, Matthew McConaughey, for President Donald Trump and Scaramucci. She captioned the photo “Box office results are in! The #1 comedy in America!” The photo was most likely meant to jokingly comment on the fact that Scaramucci spent a mere 10 days as White House communications director before he was reportedly fired from the position.

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The post is a very timely joke, but we should take a moment to consider Hudson’s caption to the photo as well. It’s interesting that she’d write “#1 comedy in America” if only because it could be interpreted that this event is already being talked about and seen by everyone — as would be the case if it were a movie. It may also be a slight dig at the Trump administration, whose rate of employee turnover is already quite high.

Scaramucci’s exit followed mere days after former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was allegedly fired from his role and only a few weeks after Sean Spicer left the position of White House communications director. Scaramucci’s 10 days were colorful (to put it mildly), with the tipping point possibly coming in the form of a profanity-laden interview with The New Yorker. In that interview, he referred to both Priebus and one of Trump’s advisors, Stephen Bannon, with some strong language. There’s speculation that this interview contributed to Scaramucci being relieved of his role in the White House.

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One thing is for certain: Even though there were reactions aplenty to Scaramucci’s confirmed White House exit, Hudson really delivered on the zinger-style commentary.

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