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Lady Olenna Was the Real MVP on Game of Thrones, & the Internet Knew It

It shouldn’t be as much of a surprise by now that Game of Thrones is offing beloved characters (the stakes are higher than ever for everyone in Westeros), but alas, on the third episode of the penultimate season, it happened. This time, it was Lady Olenna Tyrell who died on Game of Thrones, but she didn’t go quietly. That’s not to say she calmly accepted her fate; no, instead she chose to deliver some devastating news to her killer, Jaime Lannister, before she died from the effects of a painless poison.

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The Lannisters took over Highgarden — the seat of House Tyrell — in the final moments of Episode 3. It was clear that Lady Olenna’s time was coming to an end. Jaime revealed to her that she would die, but that he had managed to persuade Cersei to allow him to kill Lady Olenna in a kind way: with poison. As Lady Olenna accepted her fate, she used her final moments with Jaime to tell him that she was the one who had poisoned his son/nephew, Joffrey, during his wedding to Lady Olenna’s granddaughter. Just look at how calmly yet savagely she reveals the news to him (Warning: There’s some strong language).
The revelation clearly shocked Jaime, although he remained as composed as possible. Clearly, Lady Olenna was going to go out on top, and boy, did she ever. The internet also took immediate notice of Lady Olenna’s boss move and they reacted so perfectly. Check out how fans of the show memorialized Lady Olenna, the Game of Thrones character who was petty right up until her final breath.

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Verily I say unto you: No other character in the Seven Kingdoms went out on as high a note as Lady Olenna. R.I.P., you amazing woman.

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