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There’s Hope for a 3rd Princess Diaries Movie Yet!

Everyone hold onto your crowns, because there’s possibly a Princess Diaries 3 in the works.

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Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with Meg Cabot, the author behind the Princess Diaries book series, in honor of the 16 years since Disney graced us with the first film, starring Anne Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis and Queen Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse Renaldi. The movie resonated with girls and boys everywhere and many wished the life of Mia could be their own.

So after two movies and an intensely popular 16 years, what does the successful author think about a part three? “Who knows?” Cabot started. “It could happen, as we say…”

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EW followed up with questions of plot and continuing where the former Princess Mia, now Queen Mia, left off. “I am not allowed to say,” said Cabot. “I would love to sit and talk about it, but I can’t. I’m not allowed. But it’s really more following the movie than the books, so if she — the last version I read, she definitely did not find out that she has a biracial younger sister… which I personally would’ve thought was hilarious, but that was not the direction they were going.”

There’s some good news and bad news to dissect from this little chat. The good news is that there are talks about any plot at all, and that talk sounds like near-future talk. The bad news is that the films still won’t stick to what happens in the books. This is normal for most adapted films, but precious things should stay precious.

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Unfortunately, the director for the first two movies, Garry Marshall, died in June 2016, so any talk about a third installment has slowed down. But Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway have continued the discussion to put forth the third movie in his honor. “I think we might do it in honor of him,” Andrews told BuzzFeed. “Annie had an idea that she wanted to pursue about it, and I’m all for it, so if she’d like to…”

All good signs point to a third Princess Diaries, so be on the lookout, and thank you for being here today…

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