Jason Bateman Reveals Official Start of Filming on Arrested Development Season 5

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Finally! In a tweet from Jason Bateman, aka the responsible child, Michael Bluth, there is official evidence that production for Arrested Development Season 5 is underway. Fans have been waiting for this day since the long-awaited Season 4 came out in 2013.

That furniture is a beautiful reminder that the Bluths have unfinished business, and apparently, it’s in the form of a murder mystery. Since Bateman’s tweet on Sunday, there have been plenty of responses that give more clues about the upcoming season. One of them is from the Nerdist blog, headlined, “Arrested Development Season 5 Will Be a Murder Mystery.”

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And, even better, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bateman said, “The central spine of that story is the death of Liza Minnelli’s character, and a bit of whodunit… That’s sort of a central thread around which [Mitch Hurwitz] is going to braid in all the colorful plot complications that he knows how to do.”

But one response that really has fans worried for the new season was from Will Arnett, aka idiot brother Gob Bluth.

Hopefully this is just a joke, because Arrested Development without Gob would be like Friends without Joey, and who wants a bunch of responsible smarty-pants characters running around?

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However, I will say that we’re lucky to still have the show at all, with or without Gob. Unlike Liza Minnelli’s character, Lucille 2, Arrested Development was brought back from the dead by Netflix in 2012, a deal that keeps fans hopeful that other beloved canceled shows can be revived. After only three seasons with Fox, the under-appreciated show became a canceled cult classic, and Netflix was brave enough and smart enough to snatch it up and put out a fourth season. And now the love continues!

There’s no word yet on a release date for Season 5, but production will be roaring soon.


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