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Maya Rudolph & Patrick Stewart Talk About Their Anxiety in a Donald Trump America

There’s no denying it’s been a wild few days in the world of American politics, from the Senate’s attempt to repeal Obamacare to President Donald Trump’s tweets about barring trans people from serving in the military.

But even before this week, some celebs were feeling less than optimistic about the political sitch we’re in right now.

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Maya Rudolph and Sir Patrick Stewart may be busy promoting their new movie, The Emoji Movie, but that didn’t stop them from taking some time out of an interview to cast a little light on how they view the USA today. And, uh, guys, it’s not great.

After some lighthearted banter about what emojis best describe them, Stewart, Rudolph and co-star Jake T. Austin were asked, “What emoji would you use to describe America right now?”

You knew the answers weren’t going to be rainbows and unicorns when Rudolph immediately grimaced at the question.

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Austin copped out just a little bit, saying, “I would just use the American flag emoji. You know, just to describe the USA.”

Rudolph gave a slightly more involved answer.

“The American flag isn’t enough to explain what’s happening right now,” she said. “‘Cause there’s some stuff happening that’s really rockin’ my faith. So it would have to be a combo platter… and there might be a toilet involved. The anxiety emoji. Anxiety sitting on a toilet.”

Strong words, but after the roller coaster of a week we’ve had in politics, it’s hard to argue with ’em.

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Check out what Patrick Stewart had to say — oh, and watch Rudolph hilariously try to explain eyebrow microblading to Stewart, all in the video below.

The Emoji Movie is now in theaters everywhere.

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