The Poster for American Horror Story: Cult Is Here, & There’s So Much to See

Fam, clowns are scary as hell. Evidence:

Scary clown gif
Image: Giphy
Scary clown gif
Image: Giphy
Scary clown gif
Image: Giphy

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Everyone at American Horror Story is clearly aware that clowns come at us straight from Nightmare Land, because they’re really sticking with this clown theme in all their promo materials for the upcoming season. Also bees. There’s a lot of bee stuff going on.

A new poster for Season 7, American Horror Story: Cult, dropped today, and we’re still just full of questions.

There’s a woman in clown makeup, which fits in with all the other clown stuff we’ve already seen. She has a honeycomb for a brain (???), which fits with the super-eerie teaser photo that creator Ryan Murphy posted of a person wearing a coat made of bees.

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The caption that got tweeted out with the poster gives us sort of a clue: “Be of like mind.” That definitely fits with the cult theme and makes us wonder if the bees are just symbolic and won’t actually play a huge role in the upcoming season. But also, Murphy has insisted this season is about the 2016 presidential election and, like, how do a cult and all the clowns have anything to do with that?

Like we said, so many questions.

This is par for the course for AHS, though. Teasers for upcoming seasons of the show are always packed with symbolism rather than actual scenes or anything that would give viewers a solid clue about what to expect.

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American Horror Story: Cult premieres Sept. 5. We may just have to wait until then to know anything for sure.


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