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Jennifer Aniston Is Planning a Return to Television

There’s one bit of television that’s honestly so exciting right now that you might want to be sitting down and just doing some deep breathing exercises. It turns out that Jennifer Aniston is returning to TV with a new show and — even better — Reese Witherspoon is joining her. Two of our favorite actresses in one TV show! Be still my beating heart!

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According to E! News, Aniston and Witherspoon will be teaming up to star in a TV show about morning news shows, such as Good Morning America. While their show will be a fictionalized take on this world, it will be interesting to see whether they emulate any recognizable morning show hosts like Savannah Guthrie or Robin Roberts. The show is also reportedly going to be a more dramatic exploration of the New York media scene, which sounds like there will be just as many dramatic turns of fate as there will be possible screwball moments on a live morning show. Reportedly, the show hasn’t found a network home yet, but chances are that if they do want to go a bit darker and more serious with it, there’s a chance this could be scooped up by a prestige network like HBO (read: an opportunity for things to get very real and sexy very quickly).

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If and when the show finds a home and goes into production, it will be time to officially celebrate Aniston’s return to television. Since she wrapped on Friends in 2004, Aniston’s carved out a niche in film, especially comedies. It will be nice to have her back on television, because who doesn’t want to have a weekly dose of Aniston?

For her part, Witherspoon made a splash in her TV role in Big Little Lies and, to be fair, it’s not her only TV role. If you were an über-fan of Friends, you might recall that Witherspoon actually played Rachel Green’s sister for a few episodes.

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It sounds like we get the reunion of a lifetime with this show, and honestly, I can’t think of anything much cooler than that.

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