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Kate Hudson Shaved Her Head for a Special Project, & She Can Rock It

Entertainers often change their appearance for roles. No big deal, right? Until someone with a look as signature as Kate Hudson’s blond boho-style tresses unveils a super-dramatic new look. Then the internet proceeds to have no chill and we all become super-intrigued by why the change occurred.

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In preparation for a new role, Hudson shaved her head — and the buzz cut is garnering a whole lotta buzz since the actor was photographed on set with her freshly shaven style. Of course, for all the interest Hudson’s new ‘do is accruing, the truth remains that she looks amazing. The new shorter style goes to show Hudson can pull off pretty much any cut or color under the rainbow.

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This isn’t the first time Hudson has switched things up for a role, though never quite so dramatically. Last year, she lopped off her locks into a bob haircut as part of her film prep. “In May, I start shooting the Richard Pryor project. I’m supposed to have short hair, and I wanted to get used to it,” she told InStyle at the time. So, I thought, ‘I’m just going to chop it all off so that I have a couple months to sort of get used to it and see how I feel.’ Then we’ll see what else is going to happen.”

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There’s no word yet as to the title of the project Hudson is currently working on, although she did reveal via Instagram that she has Sia to thank for her new style.

Hudson shared a pic of the buzz cut on Wednesday, captioning it, “Freedom. Compliments of [Sia].” On July 13, she shared a snapshot of herself alongside Dance Moms dancer-turned-actress Maddie Ziegler, saying, “Dance rehearsal with this bundle of excellence.”

So while we don’t know yet what this mystery project is, we know at least two things about it: There’s dancing, and Hudson’s head will be fabulous.

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