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Dancing with the Stars Wants Sean Spicer

Let’s hope Sean Spicer possesses more finesse on the dance floor than he did in press briefings, because rumor has it Donald Trump’s former staffer could be waltzing out of the White House and straight onto Dancing with the Stars. We kid you not; this is a very real rumor that’s circulating right now. Is it weird to say this also sounds kind of fun and amazing too?

While the dust has hardly settled on Spicer’s embattled six-month run as Trump’s White House Press Secretary, the 45-year-old politico is reportedly already being courted by ABC. Page Six reports that a TV insider confirmed the dancing competition has reached out to Spicer and that this rumor “has legs.”

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Since officially resigning from his role in the White House last Friday, Spicer has apparently been on the receiving end of a full-court press by major television networks. Sources spotted him leaving meetings with department heads at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News in Manhattan.

And although the thought of Spicer becoming a talking head on a news network may be off-putting to some, it’s not terribly surprising these networks are making a play for him — the former press secretary could pull in some ratings thanks to viewers who would be curious to see what he’d say or do on TV.

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Love him or hate him, the thought of Spicey competing for DWTS‘ famed Mirrorball Trophy is oddly alluring. Perhaps ABC got the idea from Zach Braff, who jokingly (or so he thought) tweeted about a dancing Spicer the very day the press secretary tendered his resignation.

Unfortunately for Spicer, history doesn’t give him very good odds of coming out of the ordeal carrying that Mirrorball Trophy. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay suffered a foot injury in 2009 that took him out mere weeks into the competition. Rick Perry — former Texas Governor and current energy secretary — also beat Spicer to the DWTS punch, but he had abysmal scores for the short two weeks he lasted on Season 23.

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Still, it seems like a safe assumption that watching Spicer hoof it alongside a dancing pro would be endlessly entertaining, for however long it might last. And, if nothing else, it could provide some top-notch material for Melissa McCarthy should she choose to reprise her SNL incarnation of Spicer anytime soon.

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