A Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Show Is Coming With This Star

Jul 27, 2017 at 12:22 a.m. ET
Image: Nicky Nelson/WENN

It's been a hot minute since ABC announced a new Grey's Anatomy spinoff was in the works, and fans have been waiting as patiently as possible for any updates. And here's a big one, y'all — it looks like Shonda Rhimes may have already found her latest leading lady.

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Word is out that Jaina Lee Ortiz of Fox's recently canceled crime drama Rosewood is slated to star in the highly anticipated Grey's spinoff. According to Deadline, the rumor mill has her pegged as the female lead.

To recap, here's what we know so far.

The series will follow a group of male and female firefighters (because, yes!) in a Seattle firehouse as they do their heroic duties. The dangerous work of these brave men and women will be explored, undoubtedly as well as how their high-stakes calling impacts their personal lives.

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The crossover potential is strong with this one. After all, the Season 13 finale proved to be firefighter-centric when Stephanie and a young patient came very close to perishing in a fire at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It seems unlikely any of those specific firefighters will be featured on the new spinoff, though, since the network announced its intention to introduce the characters during an episode of Grey's later this fall. Of course, you never know — TV execs are sneaky like that.

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This much is certain: We will be "meeting" Ortiz at some point during the first half of Grey's 14th season this fall. Then, if all goes according to plan, the spinoff will launch midseason. From there, we'll be seeing a whole lot more of the up-and-coming actress, whose other credits include the film Girls Trip and the Ryan Phillippe-fronted show Shooter.

And we're not mad at the casting, either.

Ortiz won us over during Rosewood's brief but enjoyable two seasons. Of course, we really wouldn't be mad if the TV gods decided to smile down on us even more by bringing Ortiz's co-star, Morris Chestnut, to the spinoff too.