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Small Person Kelly Ripa Tried to Intimidate a Real-Life Bear

If you ever encounter a scary creature in the wild, Kelly Ripa knows exactly what to do.

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Our favorite morning show host appeared on Late Night, where she recounted to Seth Meyers the harrowing tale of taking her family camping in a remote part of Canada, a place where she was clearly out of her element.

“We took the kids camping at a place on Vancouver Island where the first thing you do is you arrive by seaplane,” she said. She added that because her husband, Mark Consuelos, had told her there would be a Jacuzzi, she only brought two pairs of shorts and a bikini for the trip — oh, and a ball gown, because apparently if you’re Kelly Ripa, that’s the one thing you always have on hand just in case. For me, it’s an emergency blazer, because you never know when you have to do something super-important, but I digress.

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“I’m going to the wilderness in snowcapped mountains with two bikinis and a pair of shorts,” Ripa continued, telling about how when the family landed, they were immediately asked by staff about whether they had any food on them. “I am a mom of three kids. I have a seven-course dinner in my backpack,” Ripa quipped to Meyers.

She had to hand over all her food, which is totally normal, as anyone who has spent any time in North American wilderness knows. But this was new territory for Ripa, who was hashtag-shocked when she learned it was to keep bears from coming into her tent in search of food.
Since she gave up all her snacks, that probably should have been the end of Ripa’s bear encounter risk — except she was in Vancouver, where bears just kind of hang out all over. On a family bike ride, the group actually encountered one. Ripa had read that making yourself look as big as possible is the best defense against a bear, so that’s what she, a tiny person, did.

“And then [the bear] was like, ‘That’s the best you got?'” Meyers joked.

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Luckily for Ripa, the bear was one guides in the area knew, and it left without any incident. For future reference, though, Kelly, take it from someone from a place where bears are common: Don’t try to provoke them by looking big until they’re actually threatening to attack you.

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