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Chris Harrison’s Gives Nonresponse to BIP Season 4’s Bizarre Trailer

The controversy surrounding this summer’s upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise doesn’t seem to be getting any simpler or making us any less uneasy.

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After allegations of sexual misconduct shut down production, the season is back on, and ABC released a promo for it that was, frankly, uncomfortable to watch. It glossed over the whole idea that there were serious rumors of issues with alcohol consumption and consent between contestants on the show. Instead, the trailer seemed to focus on viewers’ angst about the possibility of the season being canceled, giving viewers the impression that those very serious events could be swept under the rug. It was not a good look for ABC.

Now, Bachelor host Chris Harrison is speaking out about that trailer, but his comments aren’t doing much to put our minds at ease. In fact, after hearing what he has to say, we have even more questions.

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“First and foremost, I think a lot of people — some people on social media reached out and said we were tone deaf,” Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. “And I need people to step back a little bit, wait and watch. All will be explained. Trust me. Have I left you guys hanging before in 16 years? No.”

He continued, “All will be explained and I really do mean that. I need people to understand this was not a black and white, cut-and-dry issue. It’s really — there’s a lot of layers to it. It was very confusing. I went through it and it was confusing. So, trust me. It needs to all play out.”

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What Harrison and others at ABC don’t understand is that the allegations surrounding BIP were so severe, we’re not OK with waiting to watch the show and get our answers. Even die-hard fans of the franchise are uneasy about tuning in this summer because these are fucking serious allegations. ABC, we need answers, and they need to be better than this.

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