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Riverdale‘s Betty & Jughead Are Dating IRL

Fans of The CW’s smash YA series Riverdale apparently don’t have to ‘ship co-stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart any longer — the co-stars are reportedly dating in real life according to E News. As fans of the show (*raises hand*) know, Sprouse and Reinhart play couple Jughead and Betty in the series.

And we’re not even embarrassed about how pumped we are for the potential pairing.

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Multiple eyewitnesses reportedly caught the actors engaging in a bit of PDA, saying the co-stars “could not keep their hands off of one another” during 2017 Comic-Con weekend. You guys, this development is just so extra in all the right ways.

While the stars themselves haven’t actually confirmed the news, sources seem confident the two are officially an item. One source noted that “close friends did not seem surprised” by Sprouse and Reinhart’s touchy-feely behavior.

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At a party on Friday, Reinhart was reportedly “mostly hanging out with the other Riverdale girls,” but she “always had her eye on where Cole was.” They then began “briefly talking closely by the pool” before cozying up enough to make it clear “something was going on” between the adorable duo.

The rumor mill has linked the two since the spring, when Sprouse shared a pic on Instagram of Reinhart sitting in a field of flowers. And when the co-star’s characters started dating on Riverdale, fans were quick to give them a ‘ship name: “Bughead.”

Only time will tell if these two turn into a true Hollywood love story, but one thing’s for sure — they make a cute couple on screen and off.

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