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Channing Tatum Delivered Alcohol to Fans, & The Outcome Is Amazing

Booze delivery on its own is a really great concept. Who hasn’t been several drinks deep into a fun night, realized the supply is getting low and then wished there were a way to just order alcohol like you order a pizza? Technology should be able to do that, right?

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Saucey is totally on top of that, allowing customers to order straight-to-their-front-door hooch service, but only in select cities because life is cruel and unfair. The upside is that ordering booze on Saucey could very well come with a huge perk: Channing Tatum doing delivery service.

The actor just launched his own line of vodka, and he coordinated its launch with Saucey by personally delivering bottles to customers in Los Angeles over the weekend. People who ordered his Born and Bred vodka, made at Grand Teton Distillery, got a big surprise when Tatum casually showed up to drop off the goods.

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“Born and Bred started out as an experiment. We wanted to see if we could track down the best vodka in America and we’re confident we found it at the Grand Teton Distillery. I love the stuff and this weekend I literally went door to door to get other people to try it too,” Tatum told Refinery29.

He also posted a video of the hilarious publicity stunt on Facebook, writing, “I got to have a little fun freaking people out this weekend. With the help of SAUCEY we spent the day delivering Born and Bred Vodka to the good people of LA. Thanks to all who let us into your homes — a few of you owe money to the swear jar.”
According to Tatum, he’ll be doing more deliveries in one of the other cities Saucey serves sometime in the near future, which is a genius way to get people to order Born and Bred by the gallon.

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We see you and your clever marketing ploy, Channing. And we’re not mad.

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