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Kristen Wiig’s New Pizza Hut Commercial Is Almost Better Than Pizza Itself

If there are two things everyone loves, they’re pizza and Kristen Wiig. Well, at the very least, the chances are super-high that you like one or both, so imagine what could happen if the two were combined.

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Imagine no more, because this totally happened. Pizza Hut has a new commercial starring Wiig, and it’s the perfect crossover of our favorite food and our favorite ex-Saturday Night Live comedian.
In the ad, Wiig plays a wide array of characters — a gym rat, a middle school boy and a busy executive to name a few. The gist of the commercial is that she’s the “everyman” (get it?) and the only thing her characters have in common is they want pizza and they want it ASAP.

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Ever since her SNL days, we’ve known that Wiig is the bomb at impressions and original characters; this ad is no exception. She nails every one of her characters, and even better, she nails that desperate need people have when they want their pizza and they want it now. Considering it’s a near-universal, relatable human emotion — the need for pizza immediately, that is — Wiig’s Pizza Hut commercial feels like a total success.

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All righty, I’ll be right back, because all this pizza talk has suddenly made me incredibly hungry.

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