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DeMario Jackson Once Hit on Britney Spears in Front of the Paparazzi

DeMario Jackson has always been fame-thirsty AF, and now we have video proof.

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A paparazzi video from 2008 has been unearthed showing the embattled Bachelor franchise star desperately trying to get Britney Spears to take his number “for TV.” In the video, he calls himself “an up-and-coming actor,” who would go on to star in exactly two episodes of The Bachelorette nine years later, so good for him for hanging onto his dreams, I guess.

“You need a black dude! Hey, real talk. Take down my number. Take down my number,” Jackson yells at Spears as she loads groceries into her car amid a sea of paparazzi.

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“I want to be like you. I want everybody to see me on TV,” he adds. “You’re fucking dope. My mom loves you.”

When Spears replies that she’s never on TV, Jackson isn’t discouraged. He fights his way through the paparazzi to get a hug from Spears, saying, “Can I just have a hug for TV?” All the while, even as he’s saying he literally only wants the hug to get some screen-time, he’s still telling Spears that she “needs a black dude,” she “should take down [his] number” and “look [him] up on Myspace.” It’s so cringey, fam.

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And it looks like Spears felt that way in the video too. After rejecting him for, like, the fourth time, she turns away with an odd look on her face, gets in her car and drives off. Can you blame her for trying to get out of Dodge as quickly as possible? Someone tell Jackson that telling a woman you want to be around her so you can be on TV is the exact opposite of charming.

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