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22 Times J.K. Rowling Dropped the Mic on Twitter

It’s no secret that J.K. Rowling is a talented author who obviously has a way with words. The same can be said for when the Harry Potter creator takes to Twitter. Rowling can’t help but drop the mic every time she logs onto her social media account.

Whether she’s expressing her opinion about politics (ahem, Donald Trump), taking down Harry Potter haters, standing up for human rights or showing trolls who’s boss, Rowling is the queen of Twitter.

If you aren’t following her yet, then you need to remedy that immediately. Rowling’s Twitter deserves your time, energy and dedication. Also, seeing how she will soon celebrate her 51st birthday (July 31), Rowling would probably appreciate a Twitter follow. Plus, it’s a great way to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

If you’re in need of some further convincing, here are a few times the writer used Twitter to her advantage and showed exactly why she is meant for social media.

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1. When she channeled Chamillionaire

This is what happens when you troll her.

2. When she lit the match


3. When she agreed to disagree

She’ll never be silenced.

4. When she pointed out the obvious

Go ahead and try not to laugh.

5. When she slammed a cartoon frog

She has spoken loudly and beautifully.

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6. When she defended Serena Williams

Slay, J.K., slay.

7. When she gave a spelling lesson

This author knows best.

8. When she made a play on an idiom

She’s not a writer for nothing.

9. When she trolled Trump

She can’t help herself when it comes to orange Twitter eggs.

10. When she trolled Trump again

She’s not his biggest fan.

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11. When she trolled Trump a third time

He knows how to make her blood boil.

12. When she praised “black Hermione”

She is so here for diverse characters, especially her own.

13. When she called out Chuck Woolery

Rowling talking about penis hats is a dream come true.

14. When she was a good friend to Stephen King

This is what happens when Trump blocks Rowling’s fellow author.

15. When she showed how to fact check

Seriously, you don’t mess with J.K. Rowling.

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16. When she so wasn’t fazed

Go ahead and try to hurt her feelings. It won’t work.

17. When she slammed the Westboro Baptist Church

She has zero time for homophobia.

18. When she refused to stay out of politics

Famous people can care about politics too.

19. When she used a ridiculous poll to her advantage

If something is flawed, she’ll let you know.

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20. When she embraced being called an “old whore”

Sticks and stones…

21. When she spelled Slytherin the right way

What do you expect when you misspell one of the houses she created?

22. When she said this

J.K., never change.

Whenever you’re in need of a good comeback, be sure to head on over to her Twitter for inspiration.

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