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Former Y&R Star Victoria Rowell Is Returning With a New Series

All eyes were on former Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell after she wrapped up her lawsuit with Sony Pictures Television, Bell Dramatic Serial Company, Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc. and CBS Corporation in February. She settled for undisclosed terms and did not make any further mention of the case on her social media accounts.

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However, Rowell is making a big statement this week by coming back with a new series, one that is being touted as the “first black-run daytime drama in the soap opera industry.” The Rich and the Ruthless is a six-episode series premiering on the Urban Movie Channel on Friday, July 28.

The story is a soap-within-a-soap, and it follows the fictional story of the first black-run daytime drama in the soap opera industry — it’s where fiction and reality meet. Rowell is proving that she was always serious about making more opportunities available for people of color in the entertainment industry, and she’s now able to do that post-lawsuit.

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The Rich and the Ruthless has been my passion project for some time,” said Rowell in a press release. “A daytime drama with primetime soul, passion, and humor, I and the entire Days Ferry Productions team are thrilled that Urban Movie Channel will be home to this original soap opera.”

Rowell has long been an advocate for diversity, not only in soaps, but also on television in general. She spoke about it on Oprah: Where Are They Now? in October 2016.

“Here in Hollywood, I have long championed diversity, not only for African-Americans, but for all minorities, for gender bias, etc.,” Rowell said. “I want to see hiring practice changes. I want to see the inclusion of more stories that show full breadth and depth of our stories across the board.”

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Rowell is clearly putting her money where her mouth is and silencing all her critics who said her lawsuit was nothing but sour grapes after trying to make a comeback on Y&R. Her focus is clear, and the work will speak for itself with the debut of her new show. She just wants her fellow black actors to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Rowell wins with the clap back by creating her own opportunities.

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